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Do you remember Fable remember how that was supposed to be at the game that came out was actually a really good game and so we’re its sequels but they weren’t what the guy said it was gonna be in history has been kind to fable it’s remembered finally because like i said the game itself was good and that could very well happen with No Man’s Sky after a few patches but this isn’t something new. A little time developers literally make spec games to show it trade shows and try to make again that looks as close to that as possible that will run on consoles even No Man’s Sky they purported to have a randomly generated planet at the beginning but after some data mining people confirmed that that planet was actually created for the demo you know by artists and programmers to be a certain way generated but most certainly not randomly generated by the creative process.

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Why does No Man’s Sky get so much hate because No Man’s Sky isn’t No Man’s Sky. No Man’s Sky was going to be something that was limitless, boundless amazing something that nobody had ever experienced before it was billed as the true open-world space sandbox and instead we got another survival game that isn’t bad it’s just another survival game. The setting is exceptional but it’s just another survival game, this is the pattern we’ve lived our entire life not just as gamers but as Americans were promised the world by politicians, corporations, celebrities, artists, writers and most obviously given the context of this video game developers. Do we get promises from Game Developers we’re shown how amazing things can be and we’re told it’s just about to happen and then when we finally get the thing that they promised we get to look closer at it and we see that it’s a very shiny facade held together by paper clips and gum and certainly no man’s sky is not the worst perpetrator of this I’ve ever seen in my life.

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Video Games That Has Big Open World

From the start of gaming today the format has changed and over that time we’ve been introduced to the wonder of open-world video games. These massive wonders allow gamers to explore the expansive world while forgetting entirely about life outside. For this installment we’re going to dive into the best worlds that have consumed countless hours of our lives with the top open world games.
Spider-man 2 : The Video Game

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It may be antiquated in the sense of the gaming timeline but Spider-man 2 : The Video Game was one of the first really successful 3d open world titles that wasn’t a Grand Theft Auto game as for the spider gamers could explore scaled Manhattan to take on some of Spidey’s greatest enemies or just enjoys being around with internet webbing. The city round up being one of the greatest playgrounds and swinging around as the Big Apple stable hero brought more enjoyment than barreling through red lights behind the wheel tight controls and seamless integration from running into swinging the fighting made it so easy to enjoy one of gaming’s best license titles.

World of Warcraft

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It’s not easy to create a gaming list and have blizzard not make it somewhere on it and when it comes to open worlds that continuously expanding lands in World of Warcraft are on top. With each new expansion a new fully traversable areas opened up giving gamers another expensive location to trek through with these new worlds come new lure characters and enemies ensuring that you’re bound to spend another several hundred hours lost in the World of Warcraft the land of Azeroth is brimming with a seemingly infinite number of locales to explore and with six expansions in 10 years chances are it will continue to grow.
Red Dead Redemption

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The Wild West has never been so big when Rockstar released Red Dead Redemption into the world taking cues from the developers famed controversial series Red Dead Redemption it makes hefty exploration with character building a big plot and plenty of mayhem. Replacing cars was your trusty steed who helped get you across the dangerous lands of new Austin West Elizabeth, Nuevo Paraiso, Gunslingers wolves, bandits and other hazards litter the lands throwing obstacles in your way to remind you that the expansive world of redemption is alive. The follow-up DLC Undead Nightmare turned the wild west into a dreary undead playground even further solidifying Red Dead Redemption open world as one of the top.

Hot Picks For Your MOBA Entertainment

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We have Freefall Tournament which i think is the best first person shooter I’ve play on the browser. Absolutely I mean considering that a lot of the competitive shooters Quake Live and also there is Battlefield Heroes giving up a little in the browser anymore. So Free fall Tournament not only is picking up the slack with it actually shiny it’s a really good solid browsers shooter. It’s a it’s actually salt sugar periods gotta lotta really interesting characters you can unlock. The mask themselves are definitely really silly in very unreal or quick as with all the different pickups and especially on the different mechanics all these heroes is actually a skill capper and skill ceiling to this game. There’s lots of fun is not just the play once and have fun but you actually consistently play its and consistently have fun and character in uniquely aside. There’s really no other shooter that you’re going to be able to play as quickly and get as much content as you can get as you would in Freefall Tournament.






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Now is my favorite games of all time to be honest it is really simple words is very very basic concept here it’s just capture the flag balls its Tag Pro so this game actually has a really niece community and sexy competitive it was so cool about this game is that it’s a it’s really simple ready to jump into the game super quick. This actually leaderboards and is really a lot of mechanical depth to this game in strategic deciding who’s going to be the goalie, who are the midfielder’s, who’s going to be the one that capture the flag. Learning all the different power-ups from the bombs, to the invincibility, the multi-directional boosters and the spikes. This which is actually turn blocks different colors, there’s a lotta life within these maps and every match can be totally different. It is really cool to see that a browser game can be experience casually or competitively.




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Treasure Arena which a game which I recently found. I can’t believe I have found the game sooner and discovered it is because its actually really fun. You can just imagine Zelda mixed with Roman the Mad God and I guess put into multiplayer arena battles. That’s pretty much you go around and the goals to collect gold coins you do this by slaying other players or the PVE elements like love different thieves in blobs, different monsters in finding treasure chest is free for all brawl. All over the place is incredibly fun because you can choose between a thief a mage or knights. Those characters now have special abilities but within the map you can actually pick up different pickups bows, bombs, mage ones. The variety maps, monsters, characters in all the different pickups all between all of it. Its every arena fights I will kinda hectic were kinda fun it absolutely epitomizes what a browser multiplayer game should be. Definitely to go soon as possible right now.

Video Games In The Past That Deserves A Remake

Reason why these video game deserves a remake because they are very entertaining even if the graphics in the past are not comparable today’s technology. So following below are the video games that you need to check out.


When Alpha Protocol was released in 2010 it promised Mass Effect style gameplay in conversation elements set against a backdrop of spies in international espionage but instead of being an inborn style super spy the games numerous bugs and poor combat turned it into Johnny English. A full remake with a big budget in a top team behind it could make a new version a massive hit and maybe even lead to a series about the protocol games.





Battletoads the original NES title was one of the most graphically advanced games available at the time and if you had the patience and skill than Battletoads really was a lot of fun. A modern remake could place the toads in an open world environment rather than sticking as a side scroller adding new fighting in vehicle elements but keeping the insane difficulty level.





Full Throttle is the 1995 point and click adventure from Tim Schaferthe man behind the likes of The Monkey Island series and Brutal Legendthe story of hard ass biker Ben in the dystopian future of 2040 was brilliantly written in had some fantastic cutscenes, unfortunately it was very short another limitation of the hardware at the time. This needs a full-length reboot and with Mark Hamill reprising his role as bad guy Adrian Ripburger.






Although Superman The New Adventures more commonly known as Superman 64 was one of the worst games ever made. it’s the title squandering have such good superhero license that makes a modern incarnation so desirable. A new Superman game should follow the lead of that other Justice League member batman & contain gameplay is similar to that of the Arkham series. A tie with the upcoming movie may see this theoretical new Superman title become a reality with rumored screenshots of the game recently hitting the Internet.






X-wing Versus Tie Fighter was the third installment in the X-wing series from 1997. Not only is it one of the best Star Wars licensed games but also one of the greatest space combat simulators ever made. Once the balance of power expansion pack was released adding a single player campaign this became the ultimate experience for aspiring Imperial and rebel pilots. With the recent resurgence in the space in the genre in the advent of virtual reality technology we’ve never had a better time for X-wing versus Tie Fighter to make a return.



If you have not tried these video games I recommend that you play these and write the developer of these video game to make a remake especially this time we have an advance technology. If you want also for more great time with your friends and looking for ideal entertainment.

Best 3 Popular Video Games Easy To Play

Some thinks that popular video games are played in a difficult way, however the fact most video games that are played are simple but not boring and maybe because the players find the video games very interesting especially the plot and the concept of the game. These 3 video games are in my list for you to learn as regarded as one of easiest video game today.
Strategy games like battle for Middle-Earth invariably have their ways is being exploited invested with a little bit have determination and patience. Simple trial and error combinations can usually be tested against a seemingly difficult enemy formation her unit in order to plot a reliable approach for all future encounters. One or two of this genre can boost the ability of breaking the mold by being more fluid and unpredictable but the battle for middle-earth series certainly was not one of these. While the first addition was not difficult to master its sequel plunged even greater depths of simplicity. The basis of its two campaigns allowed for a little more than early exploration with generic infantry units before massively over power units like heroes could be deployed to sweep up any remaining objectives and basically guarantee victory. While these vastly superior heroes obviously sued the general ethos of the existing movie universe they certainly don’t make for a particularly impressive challenge.

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It’s not exactly expected that party games like the Mario Party series will offer a much in the way of a significant challenge in so perhaps a tad unfair to judge one for its ability to do just that. Given how Mario Party 9 very successfully sets itself apart is the simplest that the series has ever been however it’s simply needs to be taken to task. This version of the game lean more heavily on many games with all players moving together to attempt to pass each challenge in collect the most stars. The inclusion of two boss battles per stage in an army of undesirable evil stars does nothing to add to the overall challenge in this game making it less have a competition among friends and moreover cooperative romp through some of Mario’s most nostalgic arenas.

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Metal Gear Solid is a series that has set itself into a class of its own by combining a slick stealthy style with well-placed an inventive action segments. Look at middle Gear Solid 3 for example where players were tasked with maneuvering through the thick wilds of a dense jungle with minimal detection before encountering an overcoming barriers, bosses, and creatures. The game demanded a smart player with good gunplay being secondary to the ability to only enter combat when absolutely necessary. The result was masterful, Metal Gear Solid 4 sadly failed to recapture this demanding approach, its demands on the smart surreptitiousness of its players were at an all-time high but this was unfortunately coupled with too many easy ways out. For the first time in a metal gear solid game a simple run and gun tactic could be employed successfully time and time again. This may have worked once or twice in past installments but never more so than with this latest release. Metal Gear Solid 4 just didn’t feel like a metal gear solid game because of this.



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Giants in the Video Game You Want to Challenge

Welcome to the counting down our picks for the top 10 giant in video games. Since summer the biggest bad as Giants don’t show up until later in their games please note that this video will contain some spoilers. Also note that we’re only talking about living things not robots. The Giants also have to be alive by nature does excluding dragons as they have listed their own already.

The Last Giant – Dark Souls 2

The Soul series is loved for its grungy apocalyptic take on fantasy and this twisted batty really captures the moon. Just look at them the swords impaled on his back in the column sticking through his chest let you know that he means business or at least did at one point. Yet he doesn’t seem like just another faceless monster, much like the whole world drank like the last giant poses more questions the answers the remnants of a tragedy long-forgotten.





El Gigante in Resident Evil 4

This game changed up the Resident Evil formula but boxing on action over puzzle solving so naturally it needed some memorable monsters for hero to contend with EL  Gigante is memorable simply for his introduction. A group cultists unleash the beast as a weapon to use against the player but they quickly regretted as the giant thrashed them like rag dolls. He’s huge, he’s mean and you have to be smart to survive especially once he starts to swing trees around. As you’ll soon find out that there are more of them.



The Titan – Sanctum 2

First of spoiler warning: This one describes the final scene in Sanctum 2. The game ends with the player victorious over loom the alien creatures trying to wipe out your settlements.  After the final battle, You notice the game’s credits bowling off in the distance you move closer to take a look only to see the Titan limp a majestic bigger than anything you faced making its way to your home city now there is a cliffhanger. I guess you’re just gonna have to buy the DLC if you want to take him down.



George Lizzie and Ralph – Rampage

Rampage series obviously giant make great films but have you ever want to play as King Kong or Godzilla?  Well way back in eighty six Bali midway mix things up arcade doors three players at a time to take on the roles that these lovable Super Mutants & wreck cities all across America. You’ve got points for smashing buildings snacking on helpless civilians and fighting back gives the National Guard. The concert was different and just plain fun no surprise that rampage was a stable arcades for over a decade far-out.


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The Newest Wi-Fi Antenna that Enhances Wireless Coverage

Basically, Wifi routers are two way radios which essentially connect the digital devices directly to the internet. However, wifi connection might be a great challenge most especially for a lot of huge buildings, since radio (dead spots) can occur in certain areas where appliances or solid walls considerably blocks the signal of the router entirely, or most cases, it makes the portable Wifi device becomes so weak which including mobile phone or tablets and can hardly connect to the internet. For such reasons, the Universiti Teknologi MARA researchers in Malaysia has got their solution by just utilizing ionized gas or plasma (which usually used for common fluorescent light tube), as A Wifi internet router antenna.


Plasma has common functional properties which are similar to a metal radio antenna. It allows the router to receive and send radio signals through the light tube with a standard wifi frequency of 2.4 gigaherts same as a regular antenna operates. The radio waves router can basically ionize the gas in the tube that is why it performs similarly as a regular antenna regardless if the light is off or on. Based on the teams researched, the plasma is highly conductive which they have found in 62-centeneter light tube and is also proven to be strong and stable as it was tested using a signal measurement device.


According to the research team, it is possible for multiple antennas to connect to a single router through the electrical wirings of the building using the existing Wifi standards. This would certainly create a separate antenna for each room that has fluorescent light fixture and at the same time provides internet coverage to the entire vicinity of the building with low cost.



Latest Method to Reduce the Wind Power Effect on Digital Communications

The VTT Technical Research Center of Finland is now developing tools and methods through which wind farms can now minimize their effects on mobile communication as well as TV broadcasting. These methods allow a most possible location which will be identified for wind turbines, where mobile connections and television broadcasting’s interference would be minimized. The wind turbines can essentially have a great impact when it comes to the quality of digital connections thought a certain area. In addition, the effect of wind turbines as well to digital communication is radically different compared to those of huge buildings. The rotation of its blades can generate a dynamic force that certainly depends on the speed as well as the wind’s direction. And lately, there are number of tools which are made available in order to asses this impact.


Additionally, a wind turbine can also create a huge static impact compared to ordinary buildings, mainly because towers for wind turbines are significantly higher than other buildings. Apart from energy companies, the solutions developed by VTT can also be used by television networks and building mobile communication operators in the vicinity where wind turbines have been placed. This sort of technology also acknowledge the prior evaluation where base station antennas needs to be adjusted or even installation for television gap filler transmitter and additional base station.


These new solutions will definitely brings relief to a lot of operators, consumers, an even to the authorities, since they are able to provide effective tools to prevent digital interference at the wind farms as well as the planning stage of communication network . This method provides saving potential significantly as it is normally more costly to make change eventually than factoring in different variables with regards to planning stage. Moreover, an interference reduction will also reduce the customer services’ cost.